Zakat Fitrah 1432H / 2011

Ramadhan, Muslims all over the world perform fasting 1 whole month as fulfilling the 3rd Rukun Islam. The 4th Rukun Islam is then the Zakat Fitrah (alms).

Here i listed down the rate for Zakat Fitrah according to states in Malaysia (thanks to my friends who forwarded the email to me).

Johor – RM7.50
Kedah – RM7.00
Kelantan – RM7.60
Melaka – RM6.30
N.Sembilan – RM6.50
Pahang – RM7.30
Perak – RM7.00
Perlis – RM5.00 / RM7.00
P.Pinang – RM7.30
Sabah – RM7.70
Sarawak – RM7.50
Selangor – RM5.20
Terengganu – RM6.00 / RM7.00 / RM8.00
KL, Labuan, Putrajaya – RM5.20

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